Tuesday, February 26, 2008

CioccolaTO' 1

Yes, in foreground two enormous Giandujotti from where to cut slivers of wonderful chocolate Gianduja :-) - Giandujotto (from Piemontese: Giandojòt = first 'o' must be read as 'u' of moon) or Gianduiotto (straight italian): write it as you prefer !!!

Sì, in primo piano due Giandujotti giganti dai quali ottenere scaglie di meraviglioso cioccolato Gianduja :-) - Giandujotto (dal Piemontese: Giandojòt = la prima 'o' va pronunciata 'u' di luna) o Gianduiotto (italiano): scrivetelo come volete !!!
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Sally said...

Thanks for the spelling and pronunciation lesson, Fabrizio....if it is all the same I'd rather just EAT!!

Nikon said...

Another great "candid" - what a crowd waiting :-)

Rodney Dolorin said...

Nice Shot! I love the action and the chocolate!


Ming the Merciless said...

Send me some of that chocolate via UPS. :-)

I will eternally be your friend.