Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hill... Back

This photo has been taken from the hill of Torino of course but, if you watch it carefully, you will see in foreground Monte dei Cappuccini - taken thousand of time- that appear as it really is. When I took it from the city it appears "into" the hill 'cause the superimposition effect.

Questa foto è stata naturalmente scattata dalla collina di Torino ma, se guardata con attenzione, si scorge in primo piano il Monte dei Cappuccini -fotografato centinaia di volte- apparire come realmente è. Quando lo fotografo dalla città sembra "annegato" nella collina causa la sovrapposizione delle due colline.
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Nikon said...

Beautiful, it looks like a painting!

evlahos said...

what a great view. excellent capture

Gwen said...

Striking view of the cityscape.I especially like the coloring in this photograph, of the architecture and foliage against the misty quality of the sky.

• Eliane • said...

AH!!! Now I see. Wonderful to be able to see night and day. What a great panorama!