Friday, December 14, 2007

Old Stories

Under Prefecture's porticos they seem to part of another era... They are two actors ready to play life at the end of 1800 for tourists.

Sotto ai portici della Prefettura essi sembrano essere parte fi un'altra epoca... In realtà si tratta di due attori pronti a interpretare uno scorcio di vita fine '800 per un gruppo di turisti.
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Kate said...

The stone floor, the white walls, long hall and many arches make an interesting photo. What are the black bars across the arches for...?

Gwen said...

This film would be very realistic! The perspective and angle in the photograph is perfect, this portico has minimal detail, beautiful in structure and look.

b.c. said...

I love the drama of the white walls, the stone floor and the dark clothes of the people in that little corner--like there is something about to happen...a very nice composition!

Nikon said...

Beautiful arches, vaulting, colors & shadows - nice shot!

Fabrizio - ikol22 said...

@Kate. I don't know reason of those bars but I will investigate on them (now I want to know their use me too)

To everyone thank you about yours apprecitated comments ! said...

Reminds me of the Dutch Church paintings of de Witte and Saenredam

de Witte