Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Luci d'Artista 9- Lucedotto

Richi Ferrer - Light-duct
Totally blue it looks like a sort of post-industrial's monument. Of course none use it :-)

Richi Ferrer - Lucedotto
Cmpletamente blue sembra una specie di monumento post-industriale. Va da sé che non venga usata :-)
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Dusty Lens said...

I often have thought construction cranes to be architecturally interesting. your crane bright in blue light is spectacular!

Massim. said...

Grazie per aver esaudito la mia richiesta! Foto bella come sempre.

ps. il blog di Ennebì ora dovrebbe funzionare normalmente ( )

Pat said...

Fantastic capture.

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Ming the Merciless said...

Amazing color and structure. It really stands out in the dark background/sky.

On Christmas Day, look outside your bedroom window. There might be an Aston Martin Vanquish S for you. :-)

Sonia said...

Amazing photo, Fabrizio!

Nikon said...

I agree with Dusty Lens about how fascinating the "architecture" of cranes can be.
And when you take photos of them at night & they are colored blue it is even better!!

Jackie said...

Another really good photo there! I like how they've taken something so functional and made it look so striking.

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b.c. said...

great shot of a crane! It looks great with the blue light on it!

Chris said...

What an interesting look! Did they have it lit with blue light?

Gwen said...

The crane is striking, lit up in blue like this, with the red triangle accent.