Saturday, December 29, 2007

Gran Madre e Cappuccini

From a new angle Gran Madre di Dio's church (at left) and Santa Maria del Monte's church at Monte dei Cappuccini (in blue).

Da un nuovo punto di osservazione la Chiesa della Gran Madre di Dio (a sinistra) e la Chiesa di Santa Maria del Monte al Monte dei Cappuccini (in blu).
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Jilly said...

Love the light and shade and that amazing blue. Yes another beautiful church in Turin.

Sonia said...

Nice photo, Fabrizio!

I wish to you and yours a WONDERFUL NEW YEAR!

Nikon said...

Another beutifully lit shot, Fabrizio.
Have a happy New Year!

Gwen said...

There is something about your night scenes of architecture--where the architectural character or persona of each building expresses in the photograph.You have an incredible eye for architecture and cityscapes.