Friday, November 23, 2007

Via Giuseppe Verdi

From Piazza Castello begins a small street called Via Giuseppe Verdi. Lot of interesting and artistic buildings are located along this street and I hope to be able to show you some of them. This photo shows that it begins *just* at the tower's castle shadow. In the background The Mole Antonelliana. On the right via Po.

Da Piazza Castello inizia una piccola via che si chiama Via Giueseppe Verdi. Molto interessanti le storiche costruzioni che sono appunto lungo di essa. Spero di aver modo di poterne mostrare qualcuna. La foto mostra che via Verdi inizia giusto là dove c'è l'ombra del Castello. Sullo sfondo la Mole Antonelliana. Sulla destra via Po.
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oldmanlincoln said...

Another beautiful photograph showing details that are wonderful.

Yes, and thanks for the visit to my blog.

I have to rest my wrists too. And I switch the mouse from one hand to the other.

Gwen said...

Nice coloring and decorative balcony railing.Scaling or proportion is interesting--only three doors or windows in width, but length is emphasized.

Nikon said...

I like the way the front of the building on the right looks like it's angled slightly from the building's length. Interesting touch!