Thursday, November 8, 2007

Sssst....Night is coming over the city

Night is coming over the city while mountains are waiting for snowing. Wonderful jewel is Torino.

La notte sta calando sulla città mentre le montagne stanno attendendo la neve. Bella città è Torino.
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Annie said...


Annie said...

It does look like a jewel in a beautiful setting. And when it snows, it will be beautiful in a different way.

• Eliane • said...

Well, the mountains can wait a little, enjoy being capless and take in the gorgeous view: the snow will be there soon enough.

GiuCe said...

magic deep blue! beautiful pic :)

have a nice day Fabrizio

Nikon said...

It is a special blue, very beautiful.
I'm beginning to know the Mole :)

nazzareno said...

i tuoi cieli notturni (oltre al resto, naturalmente) hanno sempre un colore "magico".