Monday, October 15, 2007

La Cremagliera

Cremagliera is "rack". It's a trolley that go up to Superga (one of the top of the Torino's hill) by a cogwheel. It's very beautiful and always crowded by tourists. It deserves a trip up and down. From tomorrow some new photo of Basilica di Superga (the curch on the top).

E' un tram che sale a Superga (una delle cime della collina di Torino) per mezzo di una ruota dentata (da qui "cremagliera"). E' molto bello e sempre affollato di turisti. Merita un viaggio in salita e discesa. Da domani alcune nuove fotografie della Basilica di Superga.
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• Eliane • said...

The trolley alone is very inviting - so cute! The station seems beautiful too.

Nikon said...

A beautiful composition, Fabrizio(I love the hanging light).
You really are the best with night shots!

Elisabetta said...

Your photos are beautiful Fabrizio. I'd like to learn to do such beautiful shoots...maybe one day!

Sally said...

Fabulous shot, and I want to ride that tram!
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Glenn Standish said...

Greetings from TORUŃ DAILY PHOTO here in Poland. Do pop in today as we have a special competition...about a donkey!!! There is a prize at stake!