Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Spinal Cord Injury Centre

The today's photo has nothing to match with churches, historical buildings, skyline of the city, view from this or that. This modern and maybe ordinary new building is the most big Spinal Cord Injury centre in Italy and one of most big in Europe opened last 19th of July in Torino . Being able to treat at best spinal cord injury patients, it means to be able to restore what it's possible and what should be definitely lost.

La foto di oggi non ha a che vedere con chiese, palazzi storici, panorami della città, viste varie. Questa nuova moderna e forse ordinaria costruzione è la più grande Unità Spinale Unipolare in Italia e una delle più grandi d'Europa, inaugurata lo scorso 19 Luglio in Torino. Essere capaci di trattare al meglio i pazienti affetti da lesioni midollari, significa essere capaci di recuperare ciò che è possibile e che altrimenti andrebbe definitivamente perso.
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Emily Lin said...

This is something different from the buildings that you've shown to us before this. From the outlook itself, it doesn't look like an injury centre at all.

Nikon said...

It certainly is different than the architectural styles that you normally post - but a good looking building, just the same.
Nice composition and I like the twilight & street lights.

Neva said...

A wonderful facility for an awful injury.

zentmrs said...

When I saw the thumbnail on the portal page I thought to myself "So many beautiful and varied sights to see in Torino - I must go there to visit" though now that I see your explanation I hope I do not need to visit that particular sight!

Rambling Round said...

It may be modern, but it is certainly impressive.

Fabrizio - ikol22 said...

Thank you to everyone but, honestly, my point of view is a bit different from some of you. I think that centre like this MUST be more popular. I know it isn't *exactly* pleasant to need them but this is not a reason to hide them or simply to ignore them.

I agree with Neva, spinal cord injury is an awful injury but people that happen to suffer of it *need* to face it at better.