Monday, July 9, 2007

Reverse Panorama - Day

This photo is called Reverse Panorama because, usually, Torino is taken from the hill and the skyline look like THIS ONE. This photo, at opposite, has been taken from Mole Antonelliana and tomorrow I'll post the same taken at night. Being conscious this photo may be too small, I'll be very happy to send the original if asked.

Questa fotografia è denominata Panorama al Rovescio perché, di solito, Torino è ripresa dalla collina e lo skyline è di norma QUESTO. Questa fotografia, invece, è stata scattata dalla Mole Antonelliana e domani inserirò la stessa foto scattata però di notte. Sapendo che questa foto potrebbe essere troppo piccola, sarò molto lieto di inviare l'originale a chi fosse eventualmente interessato.
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Nikon said...

Wow, it's gorgeous enlarged - there's a nice river flowing through town, too. Beautiful houses.

Coltrane_lives said...

Whether taken from the hill or from down below in Torino, it looks beautifully charming. I'm sure you're proud of city.

richard said...

I like the look of that elegant, classical square which I think I recognize as Piazza Vittoria Veneto from other posts, with the end opening onto the river, and I'm sure a nice view across to the church which I also guess is Gran Madre di Dio from your previous posts

Abraham Lincoln said...

Great picture, Fabrizio. I like all of the detail in the buildings.

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Sonia said...

Beautiful picture, Fabrizio! Just wonderful those old buildings. Your city have much green all around. And when I enlarged the photo I can see again the beautiful
Grand Madre Church. Thanks for sharing!

Jilly said...

Beautiful from this perspective.