Wednesday, July 25, 2007


First of all questions:
1. How do you like coffee? (american, espresso, with cold milk, warm milk, cream, lemon rind, ..., else?)
2. How many coffee do you get along the day?

Then caption:
Here's toast machine of coffee. No more working but able to. Then the lady is thinking on which one kind of coffee is the best.

P.S. In Italian, below, list on ways to drink coffee are slightly different from English.

Prima di tutto le domande:
1. Come vi piace il caffè? (lungo, ristretto, normale, con latte freddo, macchiato caldo, panna, corretto, ..., altro?)
2. Quanti caffè bevete lungo il giorno?

Ora la didascalia alla foto:
Questa è una macchina per la tostatura del caffè. Non più in uso ma funzionante. La signorina sta effettuando la scelta circa il migliore dei caffé

P.S. In Inglese, sopra, la lista dei modi di bere il caffé è lievemente diversa dall'Italiano.
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Coltrane_lives said...

Ah coffee? Truly the morning staple of my life. I prefer it strong...add some Bailey's Irish cream and it's quite soothing. Generally drink about 3-4 cups daily. I should cut back but probably won't. How about you Fabrizio?

Nikon said...

I like Columbia - I buy the beans & grind them at home.
I've never seen a roaster like that one!

Hyde DP said...

I hardly ever drink coffee at all these days. I probably have about four or five mugs [never a cup] of tea a day. I take mine [tea or coffee] black and unsweetened.

A long time ago I had an American girlfriend who used to send me packets of a blend used in a particular chain of hotels there - I think it was mixture of Brazilian and Columbian; it was excellent - after she stopped sending it to me I tried various blends but went back to drinking instant.

Kalyan said...

I prefer the espresso variant and take around 3-4 cups every day...a nicely captured shot too!

Oya said...

Early in the morning, I prefer filter coffee with a little milk. 2 cups. After lunch, we enjoy a cup of Turkish coffee ( at the office with my colleques. At the afternoon , ı Usually drink 1 more cup of filter coffee. That's all!
What about you?

~tanty~ said...

I like free-caffein coffee. I drink it in the morning with cold milk and little sugar.

Sonia said...

I prefer coffee (strong) with hot milk without sugar and no sweetened. I drink it in the morning and in the evening.

jules said...

I have 1 to 2 cups most days. I use a french press and have been experimenting with different country of origins (Swedish, German, American, ...). So far a like the dark roast from Germany. No sugar, but sometimes milk. I've still to try Italian, Turkish, and so many more. I'm a new comer to the coffee world, used to drink diet coke as my morning pick-me-up.

Felicia said...

I have 1-2 cups in the morning. Strong with a little sugar and cream. The best coffee I've ever had was Brazilian.

Fabrizio ikol22 said...

About me, as Oya and Coltrane asked, I'm the worst italian espresso coffee ambassador. I don't drink coffee at morning but a cup of tea. Along the day I have a coule of coffee (generally after meals) but I love European / American long coffee better in glass (or large cup) than in usual cup.

Lothiane said...

I prefer Kaffe Latte, but I also enjoy espresso. :)

I usually drink at least a cup or two a day... sometimes many more. :) I'm no addict.

Omaheña said...

The girls at the coffee cart at my hospital know me and my drink!!! I can't interpret without my coffee in the morning! I have one (sometimes two) Italianos per day. Here, we call espresso added to filter coffee an Italiano. An Americano is water added to espresso.

maria said...

I now only have 2 cups of coffee in the morning. Black, no sugar anymore, now cream anymore.

If I dringk tea in the morning, it puts me in a sedated mood. So I drink coffe to kick up the day.