Friday, May 11, 2007

The International Book Exhibition

It has been opened yesterday in Torino [in English -->] The International Book Exhibition: one of the most important Book Exhibition of Europe and certainly the most important and wide of Italy. Last year numbers was at the closing: more than 800 meetings with 2,500 lecturer, 100 foreign Editor (30,000 Italians worker area) and over than 300,000 visitors in 4 days.

-- What genre of book do you like most? I like spy stories, novels and Japanese authors.

Si è aperta ieri a Torino [in Italiano -->] La Fiera Internazionale del Libro: una delle più importanti fiere del settore in Europa e certamente la più vasta e imponente d'Italia. I numeri dello scorso anno alla chiusura si possono riassumere in più di 800 Conferenze e incontri con 2.500 relatori, 100 Editori straneri (30.000 operatori del settore Italiani) con oltre 300.000 visitatori in 4 giorni.

-- Qual è il genere che preferite? A me piacciono le spy stories, i romanzi in genere e gli autori Giapponesi.
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jules said...

If you like spy stories you must have read Robert Ludlum (my favorite spy guy). Strange that even though he's dead, he's still publishing books.
I love to read, what a great escape. I like mystery, suspense, adventure, spy fiction. I started to keep track of all the books I've read back in 1999 and if you're interested they are listed at LibraryThing, but I warn you it's a big list, over 650 books. Not bad for seven years of reading. I do wish that I had started keeping track much earlier, I've always read a lot.

Strangetastes said...

Fabrizio - what Japanese authors do you like? I am partial to Yukio Mishima and Banana Yoshimoto.

British novelists often appeal to me more than the works of my countrymen. They seem to be able to perform acrobatics with our (mostly) common language that we cannot. Right now, I am reading The Book of Dave by Will Self - brilliant.

Oscar Wilde observed than Britain and America are two peoples united in all things except language.


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Nazzareno said...

Mi piacciono quei libri (difficilmente etichettabili)che raccontano di crescita interiore, di riscatto di vita, di speranza e poesia (Khaled Hosseini -Il cacciatore di aquiloni / Frank Mc Court - Le ceneri di Angela / M. Yourcenar-Memorie di Adriano / Baricco-Oceano mare....), te li consiglio, ciao.

Nikon said...

Hello Fabrizio, I like your shot, the angle.
My favorite books tend to be mysteries, adventure books, and novels ( like Hemingway :)

lynn said...

Oooh Gosh i could stay here all day! I love your photo, just bending the book out like that looks so inviting! I adore books and bookshops.

Well. My tastes are very diverse. I love the classics in literature, favourites are Jane Eyre, Sons & Lovers, I also enjoy contemporary thrillers and will shamelessly plug my own novel here LOL -
Under A Train by Lynn
well that was cheeky, wasn't it? I also, for work, read a lot of magazines (since i write for them) and newspapers of course.

What an interesting photo and post this has been! Sadly i have to leave now... but would love to grab a coffee and settle down in that corner with a book... :)

Keropok Man said...

i like comics hmm are they considered reading materials? haha...

and business / financial related books.

kris said...

oh, love your perspective!

me, i like biographies, suspense, humor :)

Fabrizio ikol22 said...

jules, It's funny because I simply *adore* Robert Ludlum and I think to have read all or most of his books. By the way I like Frederick Forsyth too, Ken Follett and Tom Clancy though Clancy, in my opinion, it's a bit verbose. I checked that link... Oh God but it's sssooo long !! I like it and I think I'll register myself too although I don't know if I can insert italian books.

Strangetastes, I like Haruki Murakami (if you enlarge the photo you can see I've in my hand one of his book) and I like Banana Yoshimoto. I didn't know Yukio Mishima and I checked his profile, I think I will look for a book of him. I've ever found in Japanese author the capability to let you dream and feel what they wrote. I feel extremely light and I think to be able to touch "the dream" reading some of their book.

nazzareno, I know Yourcenar even if I didn't read that book and I read Baricco quite often because I like his way to write and then, as you know, he was born in Torino too :-)

Well nikon, I didn't have any doubt you would have said Hamingway :-) May I ask you an adventure book title you loved most?

lynn, thank you very much aout the link to "Under A Train". Why shamelessly? I'll start to read it for sure and I thank you again !!

Keropok Man, comics are well and higly considered matter of read (and matter pf art). There's a school here quite popular for future comics authors

kris, thank you kris about the photo comment. I see we are loving quite same kind of books :-)

richard said...

Nice original perspective in the photo Fabrizio.

@bob - i was wondering about this quote - the one I know is from Winston Churchill (supposedly).

"Two nations divided by a common language"

Kala said...

that is alot of visitors!!! i wish I could have attended!

Ming_the_Merciless said...

I like collection of short stories by humorous authors.