Thursday, May 3, 2007

Borgo Medievale - Entrance

Talking about Valentino park some days ago I also showed how Borgo Medievale was enlighted during Olympic Winter Games. This is the entrance of it. At the left, in fact, there's the main entrance to the rebuilt borgo (village) and in front the promenade along the river PO where it's possible to take the boat and to navigate on the river along the city.

Palrando del parco del Valentino qualche giorno fa ho altresì mostrato come il Borgo Medievale venne illuminato durante I Giochi Olimpici Invernali. Questo è il so ingresso. Alla sinistra infatti c'è l'ingresso principale al ricstruito Borgo mentre, di fronte, v'è la passeggiata lungo il PO dove è possibile prendere il battello e navigare sul fiume lungo la città.
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Seda said...

It looks like a medieval time. Very nice...
Istanbul Photo

magiceye said...

looks beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Very nice photo, Fabrizio, and the picture shows many cobblestones. It must be very old street.

lynn said...

This looks a really peaceful place to walk.

M.Benaut said...

It really pays to enlarge this excellent photo.

The composition is lovely. I especially love the pink tower with the Machicolations near the top. I have tried to translate this word into Italian, but I can not.

(in medieval fortifications) an opening between the supporting corbels of a projecting parapet or the vault of a gate, through which stones or burning objects could be dropped on attackers.
A projecting structure containing a series of such openings.

I also love the cobblestones on the pavement, a thing we do not see in Australia.

Ming_the_Merciless said...

Your series of photos of Valentino Park is amazing. I will definitely have to visit it when I go to Torino one day.