Thursday, April 19, 2007

Corso Re Umberto 1

That the house. As you can see there's this sort of tower in the corner that links the two houses (the second in the small street). I asked at concierge and the lady told me that lift is in since 1912. So, in other words, it was built at the beginning of last century.

Quella è la casa. Come si può vedere c'è una sorta di torre che funge da elemento di collegamento tra le due case tra loro molto simili. La portinaia mi ha chiarito che il libretto dell'ascensore contiene il riferimento al 1912 E' pertanto lecito presumere che il palazzo venne costruito all'inizio dello scorso secolo.

*** Today is Sydney by Sally DP's 1st Birthday !!! ***

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Nikon said...

A nice building - the building behind it is connected?

Nazzareno said...

La tua foto rende molto bene la suggestione dell'edificio, che - a discapito della mole - ha una raffinata leggerezza, (m'intriga particolarmente il balconcino angolare sotto la torre).

Sally said...

The lift is 1912...that means it is one of those gorgeous metal ones with the inner and outer doors you have to close yourself?

Thanks for the mention, and thanks so much for visiting on my Blog Birthday….your thoughts are much appreciated.

Olive said...

This is a really really nice building! Yesterday's angle was amazing, but this one shows it in a little more detail.

isabella said...

I can't see the connecting tower, but I trust you ;-)
Those bildings are very nicely maintained.

Fabrizio ikol22 said...

Nikon and Isabella, tomorrow I go to post a link with other photo of the house to better let understand how it's built. -- Thank you very much to everyone about nice comments.

Jing said... old building, if it stands in shanghai, we will named this kind of building" heritage".

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