Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Piazza San Carlo 2

From Piazza San Carlo to Piazza Carlo Felice along via Roma there are two churches called: twin churches. At left of Santa Cristina at right of San Carlo both built around 1600. State that they 4 cunteries ago weren't particular disposed to the other half of the sky... The place (piazza) was called San Carlo instead of Santa Cristina. By the way the Santa Cristina Church's was designed by Filippo Juvarra *chuckle* :-)

Da Piazza San Carlo a Piazza Carlo Felice lungo via Roma ci sono due chiese denominate: gemelle. Alla sinistra di Santa Caterina a destra di San Carlo entrambe costruite attorno al 1600. Dal momento che 4 secoli or sono non erano particolarmente inclini verso l'altra metà del cielo... La piazza venne chiamata San Carlo invece di Santa Cristina. In ogni caso la Chiesa di Santa Cristina venne progettata da Filippo Juvarra. Tié :-)
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Nazzareno said...

Dovendo scegliere (ma chi mi obbliga)preferisco leggermente Santa Cristina, peccato le manchi il campanile a completare la totale simmetria architettonica. la foto, inutile dirlo, è invece stilisticamente ineccepibile.

Anonymous said...

Hello from snowy Joensuu! I love your picture just today, because our people here are walking in snow their heads down and everything is white again. I know, that snow is melting very soon, at least next week, hm, perhaps, I don`t really know :)
Enjoy your spring!

Adamantine said...

Fabrizio, thanks for your wiches ! see you soon on DP Ajaccio !

edwin s said...

I can't help but be drawn to the Olympic rings and the road behind it. A mesmerizing shot.

Ming_the_Merciless said...

That is an amazing photo! What is at the end of the alley between the two churches? It looks beautiful.

When was this taken? It looks cold.

Kate said...

I, too, noticed the Olympic rings immediately. The antiquity of the churches reminds me of your country's ancient history!

isabella said...

Like looking at twins...only one wears more make-up (the female, I presume;-)
What is the crowd looking at in the left corner?

Jilly said...

Great photo. Are the people church goers and if not, what is going on, Fabrizio? Perhaps just the normal passagiata? (maybe it's not spelled like that?)

Jilly x

Fabrizio ikol22 said...

Nazzareno sono d'accordo con te = me too I prefer the Santa Cristina's church :-)

Edwin and Kate you're in right. Olympic rings catch attention. That the reason about Olympic stripe is that they were working just behind them.

Ming, You won't believe me but I was undecided if say something about hat far bulding in the nackground, then i decided to take a photo of it in future talking about. It's the actually main railways station. It's in Liberty style and it's very interesting.

Isabella, people was looking a screen about Olympic Games on the left

jilly as said people were looking in the video direction. anyway you're in right. The place is wide, closed to cars and people love to walk through.

Kala said...

simply amazing to see allllll the people - i can imagine why - its a very beautiful plaza!