Friday, March 2, 2007


Well, to understand what toret (pronunciation: turet, "u" of "book") means it's necessary to know that in italian we call TORO the BULL. The bull it's the symbol of the city and TORino come out from BULL. If you noticed this free water dispenser has a bull's head and toret in local dialect (piemontese) it's a sort of little bull or, in few words as we call this our typical free water dispenser :-)

Bene, comprendere cosa toret (pronuncia: turet, "u" di "uva") significhi è necessario sapere che il simbolo della città è un Toro e il nome TORino deriva da Toro. Se si nota l'erogatore d'acqua ha la testa di un toro e in piemontese toret significa "piccolo toro" o, in altre parole, come noi chiamiamo i nostri tipici erogatori d'acqua :-)
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Oya said...

Is the water potable?

Fabrizio ikol22 said...

Yes oya, absolutely potable :-)

Mountainboy said...

Hey Fab,
Just reading your explanation of the origin of the name reminded me of the handlebars on one of my first race bikes. Made by 3ttt, Tecno Tubo Torino!

Guess they are from your town!