Friday, March 9, 2007

Palazzo Carignano 1 - The court

This is the court of Palazzo Carignano. I love the design (by Guarino Guarini) and curves of the building. HERE a spot of the facade. Soon I'll publish a photo of the ensemble of the front.

Questo è il cortile di Palazzo Carignano. Mi piace il disegno (di Guarino Guarini) e le curve della costruzione. QUI uno spot della facciata. Presto pubblicherò una fotografia dell'insieme del frontale.

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Sally said...

Beautifully framed photo Fabrizio - shows it off well.

Anonymous said...

Never get enough those old palaces or castles. They put my imagine running to old days and I would like to see people, who lived and build them . .
Can you imagine, that when I was fifteen, I read a biography of Leonardo da Vinci and when other girls were speaking about film stars, I tried to speak about Leonardo, but
they did not even know the name - not a success to me then :))
I have never been in Torino, but in many other places in Italy.
Oops! Sorry,too long comment !

Chris & Deb said...

thoughtfully-conceived composition!
You are an artist!!

Chuckeroon said...

Tks for visiting Richmond u T, Fabrizio. This is a fine photo of Milan. Did you see my post # 34 ref Battle of Lepanto? As an Italian, it might interest you.

Fabrizio ikol22 said...

Thank you to everyone for your nice comments I appreciated so much.

Chuckeroon I'm afraid you mix Milan with Torino. As well Milan is a nice city, it never hosted the Italian Parliament either never been capital of Italy. Torino did both.

Massim. said...

Anche il museo del Risorgimento, all'interno del palazzo, è bellissimo!
C'è anche il primo parlamento italiano ;-)

kris said...

nicely framed..your city is such an artistic spot

Nathalie said...

BEAUTIFUL palazzo, and the framing of your photo is excellent. Very dramatic!