Saturday, March 24, 2007


On the corner with Corso Fiume and via Bicocca, there's this wondeful house.

In Corso Fiume sull'angolo con via Bicocca, c'è questo esempio di stile purissimo... :-)
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Pat said...

What amazing architecture! That's a lovely building and yes, I'd say an amazing house!

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Mimmu said...

I agree with Pat about the building.
But I wonder, trees seem to be still without any green , but the sky is so
beautifully blue.
I wish you happy weekend, Fabrizio!

James P. Sullivan said...

Fabrizio, tu hai un caro amico che sta nella via più famosa di Torino per le palazzine liberty e non vieni mai a far foto...

isabella said...

Can you imagine the rooms inside? ;-)
Gaudi inspired, perhaps?

edwin s said...

I agree with Isabella. Gaudi-ish.

It's an interesting building. It's like it's built layer by layer. I can only imagine what the interior looks like.

Fabrizio ikol22 said...

Thank you Pat !!!

mimmu, the photo hs been taken on 3rd of March to be precise so trees couldn't have any leaves yet :-)

james, I know you live where the most liberty buildings was built and yes, for sure I'll be there one of these days. Of course keep hot a cup of coffee... ;-)

isabella and edwin, I don't if the designer was inspired by Gaudi, what I know is that rooms are quite normals inside. I'll publish soon another pic of the ensamble so yiu can have a better idea on how it looks like.