Thursday, March 1, 2007

Guardare altrove

To watch elsewhere. Those people were taking a photo or a movie of Olympic Torch last year. I love sometime to watch in opposite direction of most people usually do. In everyday life, too.

Guardare altrove. Quelle persone stavano fotografando o filmando la Fiaccola Olimpica lo scorso anno . Mi piace qualche volta guardare nella direzione opposta rispetto a dove guarda la gente di solito. Anche nella vita di tutti i giorni.
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Jing said...

is this one also for the theme day??
well...i think its a great one of showing men at work.


btw, i like that photo about the isabella bridge very cool.

Fabrizio ikol22 said...

jing it is and it isn't. I didn't partecipate in the month's theme but I loved to publish a photo in according to it. BTW, thank you so much about Isabella's bridge appreciation :-)

Oya said...

That is a realy good idea. Look at the lady with the sunglasses. Hope she does not get upset with you:)