Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I Tajarin

What are Tajarin? They are typical pasta of Piemonte (Torino is the chief town of Piemonte). If you come here you absolutely have to taste them (I'll publish a photo soon on how they appear once cooked and served). The really best English description of Tajarin and food of Piemonte and Italian is in this blog: "Cream Puffs in Venice". The only little mistake is that Tajarin aren't large but narrows (as you can see in this shot).

Cosa sono i Tajarin? Essi rappresentano la pasta tipica del Piemonte (Torino è il capoluogo del Piemonte). Se venite qui dovete assolutamente assaggiarli (pubblicherò presto una fotografia su come essi appaiono una volta cucinati e serviti). La miglior descrizione in Inglese dei Tajarin e del cibo del Piemonte nonché Italiano è in questo blog: "Cream Puffs in Venice". L'unico piccolo errore è che i Tajarin non sono larghi ma stretti (come potete vedere in questa foto).
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Kate said...

Mmmm! Thanks for the link to the "cream puffs." Looks like there are lots of possiblities for these little gems. Great photo!

Nazzareno said...

Un'altro(ulteriore) motivo per una visita (spero presto) a questa tua bella città.
Bella foto, come sempre.

Oya said...

Looks like a kind of pasta we use in Turkey. We put it in our soup. It gives a kind of consistency.

Curly said...

I can imagine they make a really good dish Fabrizio, perhaps with a little oil, garlic, and parmesan?

Fabrizio ikol22 said...

Thank you to everyone !!! Next week I'll post a photo of Tajarin cooked.
curly oil, garlic and *chili*. Parmesan (the original one) is usually put with bolognese sauce or when used butter instead of oil. With fresh tomato and / or extra virgin oil, it's better don't add parmesan: it should cover tomato and oil taste :-)